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Site: St Mary
Denomination: Church of England
Type: Chantry Chapel, Church
Period: Saxon, 14th Century, 17th Century

Features: Chancel area, Lady Chapel, Roofs, Tower

Location: 5 miles NW of Bath on the A431.


This church offers a superb blending of different ages of Christian worship and life. It is built on a Roman site; it reveals Anglo-Saxon origins, with a long aisleless Saxon nave; it has a chantry chapel of c. 1300; there is a late 14th-century chancel; the sedilia in the Lady chapel speaks of medieval church life; the pitted exterior wall of the W tower is probably a permanent mark left by 17th-century Civil War shot; and the 19th-century nave roof with gold embellishment results from further care to improve the worshipping environment, and it complements the ribbed chancel roof with its bosses. A rich inheritance indeed!

Address: Church Road , Bitton, Gloucestershire, BS30 6LH
E-mail: paul@denyer03.freeserve.co.uk

Rating: ***

Open: 4