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Site: Buckfast Abbey
Denomination: Church of England
Type: Abbey
Period: Medieval, 19th Century


Location: 1 mile N of Buckfastleigh off the A38.


There was a pre-Norman monastery on this site that persisted until the 16th century Dissolution, but the present Benedictine house was founded in 1882 by French monks from La Pierre-qui-vire. The existing church is a mixture of English Cistercian and French early Gothic styles, with the exception of a Benedictine tradition evident in the tall tower over the crossing. Excavations have also revealed an outer court of the medieval church and main monastic buildings, in which the principal structure is a massive room running N-S that was probably the guest hall. The abbey is now almost self-supporting. The sale of various items greatly helps. On offer to the considerable number of tourists is wine (most successfully Buckfast Tonic wine, which is based on a strong French tonic recipe first produced by the monks in the 1890s), honey and beeswax.

Address: Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0EE
Phone Number: 01364 645500

Rating: ***

Open: 4