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Site: St Augustine
Denomination: Church of England
Type: Church
Period: Norman, 16th Century, 17th Century, 18th Century

Features: Benches, Brasses, Font, Graveside shelter to protect the priest from inclement weather during funerals., Memorials, Pulpit, Small clock tower, Tower, Wall paintings

Location: 5 miles NE of Rye on the A259.


St Augustine’s is a largely 13th- and 14th-century church with 14th-century wall paintings at the E end of the S aisle depicting the upper parts of three figures in armour and a bishop on the right that represents the murder of Thomas Becket. There is also a lead Norman font only 16 in. high with the signs of the Zodiac and the Labours of the Months in two rows under arcading; three late medieval benches at the back of the N aisle; an early 16th-century brass; several fine 17th-century black ledger slabs; a considerable number of 18th-century tablets; a double-decker 18th-century pulpit; a set of c.1738 box pews; various 18th-century rails with sturdy twisted balusters; and a graveside shelter to protect the priest from inclement weather during funerals. There is a separate, fascinatingly designed, (bell?) tower, and an unusually small clock tower. It appears that there was once water around the church, and people entered it by boat. The total effect of the place is very attention grabbing.

Address: High Street , Brookland, Kent, TN29 9QR
E-mail: nrwg45@aol.com

Rating: ***

Open: 4